Emu Release Information

Binary distributions of Emu are generally available for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. For other platforms, you will need to get the source release and build Emu yourself. Emu is known to build on Linux and Solaris, other unix platforms where Tcl/Tk is available should work. Currently there is no Mac OSX port but we expect to be able to release one sometime in 2003. Please contact me if you need help with this.

All Emu downloads are available via the Sourceforge download page.

Microsoft Windows

The Windows version of Emu is released as a self-extracting executeable file which will install the full version of Emu on your system. The release is fully self-contained and doesn't need any other packages to be installed. You might want to install R/Splus and the Emu R/Splus libraries (see Emu/Splus.


Emu 1.7 was the first release of Emu for the Macintosh. To install it you first need to obtain and install the Mac Tcl/Tk 8.3.4 distribution from SourceForge (the runtime installer is sufficient): TclTk_8.3.4_RuntimeInstall.bin.

Download and uncompress the self extracting Emu archive into a location of your choice. Emu runs directly out of the directory structure created by the archive, no further installation is necessary. Emu looks for template files in the Emu folder within this folder. A small demonstration database is included.

Source Distribution

The source distribution is a snapshot of the Emu sources at the release date. The source should build easily on Linux with and should build on Solaris as long as a recent gcc and Gnu make are available. It may also build on other flavours of Unix but has only been tested on these two platforms. Instructions for compilation are in the README file within the distribution.

In addition to the above released sources, the latest version of the source via anonymous CVS is available from the SourceForge development site. Please note that the CVS version may not compile in all configurations.

The extra packages needed to build a full EMU system are version 8.3 or greater of Tcl/Tk and (optionally) the NIST Sphere library and/or the Edinburgh speech tools. Emu also requires the Tcl standard library and the Bwidgets Tcl library, both available via Sourceforge.

For more information, please send mail to Steve.Cassidy@mq.edu.au.

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