The Emu Capture Tool

The Emu Capture Tool is a graphical front end for recording audio directly into your computer with the option of generating an Emu template file to match the data. The tool can be used to prompt a speaker with either words or phrases and allows recordings to be previewed and re-recorded easily.

The tool begins with a Wizard dialogue which gathers various parameters for the recording session. These are as follows:

In the second window you will see:

In the third window you will see:

Figure 3.7. The Emu Recording Tool

The Emu Recording Tool

After this dialogue you will be prompted to confirm the various parameters and after doing so will see the main recording window (Figure 3.7, “The Emu Recording Tool”). This consists of a large central area for text, a waveform display at the top and a control area at the bottom. To begin recording click the mouse on the main part of the display and the first prompt will be displayed. Once a prompt is displayed clicking and holding the left mouse button on the prompt window starts recording and releasing the mouse button stops. The window turns red while recording and the waveform is shown at the top of the screen.

You can move forward or backward in the prompt list, play the current recording or restart your session using the buttons at the bottom of the window. As you record a word it is saved; if you record again with the same prompt visible, the first recording is overwritten.

Once the recording session is complete you can process the files further using one of the Emu signal processing tools. The Pitch and Formant tool can be used to generate pitch and formant tracks for each file; the Keil Tkassp tool can be used to derive these (using different algorithms) and other tracks.