The Emu Speech Database System

Version 1.9

Steve Cassidy

Centre for Language Technology, Macquarie University


Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. The Emu core.
III. Emu/Splus

List of Figures

3.1. The Emu Labeller
3.2. The Hierarchical Label Display
3.3. The Emu query tool utterance list page.
3.4. The Emu query tool query results page.
3.5. The Emu query tool data page.
3.6. The Emu query tool data page, cut data.
3.7. The Emu Recording Tool
3.8. The main Emu segmenter window
3.9. The Emu segmenter cut list view.
11.1. Examples of hplot (upper) and nplot (lower).
11.2. An ellipse plot.
11.3. An utterance plot of the first three formants with unvoiced segments removed.
11.4. A segment plot of the second formant for 12 [i:] segments, each plot is labelled with the phonetic element that preceeds the [i:].
11.5. Four examples of dplot with no options (top left), offset=0.5 (top right), normalise=T (bottom left) and normalise=T, average=T (bottom right)
12.1. An example of fplot showing averaged spectra superimposed on cepstrally smoothed spectra for [S] and [T] segments.
13.1. A one dimensional probability distribution for two classes A and B.
13.2. The distribution of [A], [O], and [V] in the F1/F2 plane.